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Scott Lumley - Presentation Design Specialist

HeadshotForLandingPage_v7Hello, my name is Scott Lumley,  I’m a veteran creative director and presentation design specialist. I have extensive experience developing  high quality corporate presentations for a wide variety of clients. I’m also an avid photographer, world traveler and motorcycling enthusiast.
20+ years of professional design experience
Corporate event producer services
Onsite graphics support
Well seasoned road warrior
Calm under pressure
Pleasantly flexible
Tech savvy
OS agnostic
Presentation Development  +  On Site Presentation Support

Meeting Production Services  +  Concepting and Strategy
Web Design  +  After Effects Animation  +  Video Production
Photography  +  Copywriting  +  Print Design



“Scott does fantastic work. He’s fast, responsive and a talented designer.” – Motorola
“Scott has an unusual combination of skills. He understands modern business concepts and the artistic abilities to visualize them.” – Avaya
“We know we can count on Scott to deliver our projects on time and within budget.” – PKWorks
“When we need an expert we can count on to get the job done right, we call Scott first.” – Freeman Companies
“Scott is a true professional. He’s calm under pressure, graceful with clients, and pleasantly flexible.” – Sterling Media




Work Samples and Clients

I’ve worked with many well known brands, and designed everything
from name badges to broadcast motion graphics.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for… I have plenty of other cool stuff that I can share with you.

All ClientsEvent DesignIllustrationLogosPhotographyPresentationsPrint Design
Recent Clients

Recent ClientsClients, Presentations

Recent Clients

Recent ClientsClients, Presentations

Broadcast TV Logo Development

Broadcast TV Logo DevelopmentEvent Design, Illustration, Logos

Event Logo Designs

Event Logo DesignsEvent Design, Illustration, Logos

Event Theme Logo Designs

Event Theme Logo DesignsEvent Design, Logos

Logo Designs

Logo DesignsLogos

Eames Chair Illustrations

Eames Chair IllustrationsIllustration

Wilsonart Laminate Illustrations

Wilsonart Laminate IllustrationsIllustration

Little Girl of Ao Nang - Digital Illustration

Little Girl of Ao Nang - Digital IllustrationIllustration

Ericsson Illustrations

Ericsson IllustrationsIllustration, Presentations

The Old Man In The Sea

The Old Man In The SeaPhotography

Black and White Beach

Black and White BeachPhotography

Monks in the Morning

Monks in the MorningPhotography

The Rice Farmer

The Rice FarmerPhotography

Smoking in Cambodia

Smoking in CambodiaPhotography

The Girl With Flowers For Eyes

The Girl With Flowers For EyesPhotography

Event Theme Logo Designs

Event Theme Logo DesignsEvent Design, Logos, Presentations

Resume and Skill Set

Professional Experience

2005 - CurrentConfuego Creative Services, Inc

Founder and Sr. Creative Director

CurrentThe Photography of Scott Lumley

Documentary, Street and Travel Photography

2010-2011Blastoff Networks

Sr Creative Director


Founder and Sr. Creative Director


University of North Texas1989Design for Advertising Art

Bachelor of Art with a minor in Journalism

The Real World1989-PresentCountless

Almost everything I know about being a designer I learned from working professionally


PresentationsConcept, design and produce corporate presentations... Powerpoint and Keynote savvy

Producer ServicesFull service corporate event production services... including staging, AV, crew management and content creation

Event BrandingDesign and develop event theme graphics, signage, etc

Onsite Graphics OperatorOnsite graphics operator and production artist for corporate events

Narrative PhotographyImages that tell the stories of real people, real places and real life.

Motion GraphicsMotion graphics development for tradeshows, broadcast, web, etc

Event PhotographyGreen screen, onsite high volume printing, and extensive experience

Graphic DesignIllustrations, Logos, etc etc etc


I’m More Than a Designer, Photographer, and Restless Globetrotter…

I use all ten fingers when I type.
I know how to read a map and use a compass.
I almost started a bar fight with a bunch of Hell’s Angels.
I can drive a car with a stick, back up a trailer and parallel park.
I always travel with a few zip ties and a flashlight.
I’ve been to the top of a volcano and the bottom of the ocean.
I’m a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast, and likely the best rider you know (IMHO).
I can handle knives in the kitchen and power tools in the garage.
I love music, but my singing is unbearable.
I’ve been alone in an elevator with Stephen Tyler and Billy Gibbons.
I always prefers to take the route less traveled.
I have shaken hands with Tom Landry, Jerry West, and Buzz Aldrin.
I know a secret waterfall on Maui that may be the most beautiful place on earth.
I’m never the guy holding up the line at airport security.
I’m going to ride a motorcycle around the world if I win the lottery.
I know a guy who knows a guy.

I believe you can tell a lot about me by the stuff I like.

Stuff I Like to Read

Life of Pi, Webster’s Dictionary, Lonely Planet Travel Guides, Everything is Illuminated, Blindness, Dwell Magazine, Wired Magazine, Zeitoun, anything by John Irving or Elmore Leonard… any book that’s on the Mann Booker short list, or has won a Pulitzer Prize, Jeffrey Eugenides, David Sedaris, David Eggers, 27bslash6.com, Vice.com, FoundMagazine.com, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Bike EXIF, Pipeburn, etc, etc, etc.


Stuff I Like To Watch

Thin Red Line, Sexy Beast, Superbad, Endless Summer, Step Into Liquid, American Movie (!!) Dogtown and Z Boys, On Any Sunday, Heat, Raising Arizona, Jaws, No Country For Old Men, Big Lebowski, Inception, American Beauty, The King of Kong, Drumline, TED Talks, The Virgin Suicides, Bottle Rocket, Royal Tennenbaums, Garden State, The Usual Suspects, Adaptation, Jackie Brown, Some Kind of Monster, Dancer in the Dark (warning, have your box of tissues handy), Kids, Happiness, Christopher Guest, Sean Penn, Jim Jarmusch, Ben Kinglsey, Jeff Bridges, John Woo, Ang Lee, Cohen Brothers, Ken Burns docs, and most british “caper” flicks.


Stuff I Like To Listen To

NPR, This American Life, RadioLab, Chet Baker, Dhamma Talks, KCRW, M83, Arcade Fire, Pleasant Grove, Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes, Rogue Wave, Cracker, Sparklehorse, Dolly Parton, Waylon Jennings, Buck Owens, Marty Robbins, Calexico, My Morning Jacket, The Rolling Stones, MGMT, Cat Power, Justice, Mariachis, Rancheras and Banda, The Streets, Of Monsters and Men, Flaming Lips, Wilco, Hot Chip, Super Furry Animals, The Outlaws, Diamond Rugs, James Blake, Bobby Womack, Willie Nelson, Cults, Die Antwoord, Peter Tosh, Tapes n Tapes, Bon Iver, WULYF, Morning Benders, Gil Scott Heron, Toro y Moi, LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix, The Shins, The Clash, Neon Indian, Buena Vista Social Club, Marvin Gaye, Broken Social Scene, Lee Scratch Perry, Loretta Lynn, The Pixies… and many more.


Stuff I Like To Eat and Drink

Tom Kha, Baja Fish Tacos, Agua Fresca (Sandia or Melon), Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, Chimichurri, Roasted Garlic w Goat Cheese, Shaved Ice Snow Cones (Aunt Stelle’s in the OC), Tex Mex, Cal Mex, Mex Mex, Blue Plate Specials, Community Gardens, Sushi, Taquerias, Backroad BBQ, Paletas, Steak au Poivre, Key Lime Pie, Maryland Crab Cakes, Ceviche, Gelato, Slices of NY Pizza, Club Sandwiches, Caprese, Elotes, Cocktail de Camarones, Orangina, Coppola Claret, Ginger Ale, Prosecco,  Iced Tea, and Fresh Carrot Juice.

Stuff I Like When I Travel

Renting an apartment instead of staying in a hotel, getting up before sunrise to watch a place come to life, taking photos of ordinary people, tasting everything, answering most questions with a “yes”, getting lost, talking to strangers, sitting still and watching people, traveling alone, renting a bicycle, scooter and/or motorcycle, and soaking away an afternoon in a natural hot spring.


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